Friday, July 17, 2009

Shannon Spouts Disdain for Tea Party Demonstrators

Democratic candidate Steve Shannon has just walked off the deep end. He has decided that Cuccinnelli is simply too dificult to face directly. So Shannon has decided to go after the thousands of Virginians who attended the Tea Parties.

This move is questionable due to the fact that many independent voters showed up at the Tea Parties. As someone who supported the concept for the movement; I personally am offended that Steve Shannon would take such a condecending tone towards American citizens who simply wanted their voice to be heard.

Shannon allowed his elitist manner to show through here. He simply cannot stand the common man getting out on the street to demand accountability from government.

Steve Shannon owes everyone who attended the Tea Party events an apology. I would not, however, expect the great Steve Shannon to hear the cries of the little people anyway. Then again, when has Deeds, Wagner, or Shannon ever really listened to the cries of the people of this Commonwealth?

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