Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama's Taliban Pow-Wow

Since September of 2001 the United States has been locked in mortal combat with Islamic Jihad. They have been locked in conflict with us since our founding. The war in Afghanistan has been a central front in that war. Afghanistan is a gateway of sorts. It is a gateway to Pakistan in the South, to the Islamic Republics to the North, and to Iran in the West. It has been known as the "graveyard of empires," because even great emporers like Alexander the Great could not control this region.

In September of 2001, the United States was plunged into combat against Islamic jihdists who decided to take their stand in this region. Fast forward to today, it is now 2009. President Obama has taken the reigns of power here in the United States, even as this critical battle continues. Although the Taliban has been driven from power, they have takent he opportunity to regroup and they have formed a formidable military force. Reports from the front, indicate that they have taken to more traditional military tactics, using formations and holding their own on the battlefield.

So the situation has gotten thornier for the United States. So what does our fearless new president do? He wants to come to the negotiating table with the Taliban! I am not saying that all dialogue against an enemy should be cut off. On the contrary, if the Taliban want to surrender, then by all means, let's talk. I am concerned, however, that they will not be the ones doing the surrendering.

This is not leadership on the part of President Obama.

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