Monday, December 22, 2008

When Foreign Policies Collide: U.S. and Israel

In an article posted on TheHill website, trusted advisor Dick Morris lays out the current political situations here in the United States and in Israel, and how they will likely affect foreign policy. One point he makes however is particularly disturbing.

people who have been in close contact with Obama’s foreign policy transition
team have privately acknowledged that the widespread belief that Obama will move
swiftly to put the screws on Israel is fully justified. According to one source
who has spent a great deal of time with the transition team since last month’s
U.S. elections, Obama’s people are ‘scope-locked’ on Israel."

If this is true then some of our worst concerns dealing with the Obama administration are true. Benjamin Netanyahu is a wise leader in Israel. He will not stand by and watch his people be slaughtered. Barack Obama would do well not to interfere with Israel's right to defend itself. America and Israel have a common enemy in Islamic Jihad. Hezbollah and Hamas want to destroy us as well as Israel. Now is the time for us to stand with our allies. If you would like to find ways to help you can go here.

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