Friday, May 29, 2009

View From Afar

Well... the Virginia Republican Party's Convention opened today. Unfortunately I will not be in attendance. For any interested readers, though, I will post some of my thoughts on the convention and what I am hearing via the grapevine.

My Endorsements: Governor- Bob McDonnell
Lt. Governor-Bill Bolling
Attorney General- Ken Cuccinelli

The Grapevine: Speculation out of Richmond is saying that if Ken Cuccinelli is to win, he must do it on the first ballot. Anything going to a second or even third ballot will likely see a Brownlee or Foster victory. It is important to remember that after a second ballot the person in third place would have to drop out.

My Predictions: Governor- Bob McDonnell (uncontested)

Lt. Governor- Bill Bolling (95%) Patrick Muldoon (5%)

Attorney General- Ken Cuccinelli (51%) John Brownlee (40%) Dave Foster(9%)

Anyone interested can check out a live stream from the Richmon Coliseum of the Virginia Republican Convention at Bob McDonnell's website.

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