Friday, May 22, 2009

Revive Disney's America

You may have noticed a new widget here at American Youth. Following the lead of our friend Jim Riley at Virginia Virtucon, we are officially joining the campaign to bring a Disney Theme Park to Virginia. In a time of economic uncertainty, having an economic engine like Disney would create jobs and bring much needed revenue to our commonwealth.

I remember getting very excited about the prospect if Disney's America when it was first proposed in the 1990's. You see, I was a kid who was a fan of DisneyWorld, and you could imagine my disappointment when the deal fell through. I think that in retrospect we can see that rejecting the theme park, and its revenue, was a mistake.

Now, we may have an opportunity to correct that mistake. Perhaps you are reading this blog and you are not from Virginia. This could still benefit your state due to the fact that Disney employs workers from around that country and around the world. A theme park in Hampton Roads makes perfect sense for Disney as well. With a large population center in Virginia Beach, and plenty of undeveloped land not all that far away, the dynamics are perfect for a theme park.

You can even go over to an Open Thread and submit your "imagineering" ideas!

With all of that said, I would encourage our readers to join this campaign to bring Disney to Virginia!