Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sarah Palin's RTL Speech

Just a few day's ago Gov Palin gave a speech to a Right to Life organization in Evansville, Indiana, in what is being called her first major national speech since the election.

This is significant for two reasons. She deflated and hit-it-home.

The deflating that I am referring to is not economical, but political. She referenced Katie Couric's antagonistic interview in a way that made the interview itself look silly. She also deflated the arguement that she is unintelligent. She made quotes and showed a clear understanding of the issues that are facing America.

She hit-it-home by giving a clear message to the national audience. Sarah Palin was well aware that a national audience would be viewing the speech. She dedicated a majority of the address to an issue close to her heart; abortion. On that topic she made a case for the pro-life movement that gave people something to rally around. Gov. Palin also touched on the topics of taxes, referencing the tea parties, and saying that Obama's spending policies gave her "heartburn."Finally, she touched on national security and foreign policy. Gov. Palin talked about missle defense and the need to cease the borrowing of money from hostile nations.

In her speech the other night, Governor Palin set the stage for her national message. The manner in which she gave a well-rounded message that stands in clear contrast to the Obama Administration, points to the possibility of an Obama and Palin matchup in 2012. She sent a clear signal that a President Palin is up to the job.

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  1. It is upsetting to see her being unfairly attacked by the liberal media. My guess is because she is a women republican. It was an amazing sppeech