Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Miss California Story and Why It Matters

I am sure that you all have heard about the way Miss California was recently treated at the Miss USA pageant. There is a significance here that needs to be pointed out.

Twenty-one year old Carrie Prejean, a.k.a Miss California, answered a question about gay marriage by stating that she believed marriage is between one man and one woman. According to some of the judges her answer cost her dearly in the scoring. Later, many cultural liberals in the media justified this stifling of freedom of opinion, visciously calling her a bigot. All the while, she stated that she would be praying for the very judge that unfairly attacked her personally. This clearly shows integrity on the part of Miss Prejean.

There is a political side to this as well. Carrie Prejean has just thrown a monkey wrench into the propoganda machine that has been cranking over in the "mainstream" media. She is 21 years of age-that's right-she is young, and believes in traditional marriage. The media has long been pressuring the millenial generation to accept gay marriage in the name of "progress." Miss Prejean has spoken out in various media venues, as a student, in opposition to redifining the definition of marriage. The culturally liberal movement is obviously outraged.

As a student, I have observed that my generation, at large, is not supportive of redifining marriage, but rather apathetic toward the subject. Apathy should not be mistaken for outright support. Students across America have witnessed a fellow student being visciously attacked by the culturally liberal movement, and apathy can tend to wear thin. Students need to realize that everywhere gay marriage has been made legal, a restriction of liberty has followed. This is why it is critical for students in America today to not be intimidated by a cultural smokescreen which states that we all must accept a redifinition of marriage. If my generation truly prizes liberty, then they will stand up for the very institution that helps to safeguard it-the family.

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