Friday, January 9, 2009

Media Monster

The 2008 Presidential Election showed the sad state to which our media has fallen. Commentators masquerading as journalists fawned over Barack Obama, while tearing into an American Hero, John McCain. Even more disquusting was there treatment of Governor Sarah Palin.

So now the election is over, they have better things to do now, right? wrong. The media is as relentless as ever. From CNN's putting Gov. Palin in the same category as fmr. Gov. Spitzer and Gov. Blago, to a member of the media writing a book about Gov. Palin's "rise" and "fall from grace," the media is continuing their smears against Sarah Palin. They are doing this one, because the media culture hates God and takes it out on those who follow Him. Two, they fear Sarah Palin. Sixty-seven percent of Republicans and Independants want to see her run for President. The bigots in the media will continue to spew nonsense in the name of journalism, but because of their bias they are slowly on the decline. In the mean time their blatant disregard for the truth is a disgrace to the First Amendment.

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