Monday, January 26, 2009

Energy and the Poor

Conservative leader Harry Jackson advocates for a change in the way our government addresses energy, due to its effect on the poor.

I agree with his analysis. The liberal movement may talk a good game when it comes to helping the poor, but they are not putting their money where their mouth is. While the average family spends about a nickel of every dollar earned on energy, a low income family spends anywhere from 20-50% of their dollar earned on energy.

The liberal leadership of the Democratic Party has consistently enacted policies that will constrict the flow of energy into our markets. They do this to force consumers to stop using oil. They have no problem with this policy because most liberals are well off and have no problem paying their energy bills. Those living in poverty however, will ultimately suffer due the the actions of an overbearing government.

President Obama has spent a lot of time talking about how he is going to help the poor. Is raising energy prices going to accomplish that aim?

Meanwhile, Gov. Sarah Palin has secured a Natural Gas pipeline that will pump an abundant energy resource into our energy markets, this will help the poor by lowering energy costs. Providing that President Obama and the liberal Congress do not restrict energy development elsewhere. Other Republicans including Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Rep. Mike Pence have advocated for a greater supply of energy to be pumped into our markets. These Conservative leaders understand what the Democrats used to understand. That the free market can be used to help the poor.

So here is the question, who is doing more to help the poor on a practical level, President Obama or the Conservatives that oppose him?


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