Friday, September 25, 2009

Netanyahu's Line in the Sand

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew a line in the sand with his speech to the United Nations. He sted his desire for peace, while making it clear that Israel will see no peace without security. This man is sticking his neck out for his people. He is reviled and hated by a great many world leaders, however, he remains steadfast in his leadership of Israel. His people should be proud to have a leader such as this.

This also raises an interesting scenario for our own President. He must make a decision as to which sode of this line he will stand. Will he join with Europe in their march toward anti-semitism. Quadaffi and Ahmadenijad are waiting; they are confident that they have our President right where thery want him. They believe that they have him in a position of weakness, a position that he, in their eyes, does not have the courage to surmount. President Obama must prove them wrong and stand with Israel.

We as a country must also decide where we are to stand on this line in the sand. Israel has always had a bond with our nation. The Jewish financiers of the Amercian Revolution

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